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Arcade Games runs on various game machines and found at various public places as entertainment but you should pay for playing such games by inserting coins. There are different types of arcade games such as video games, pinball, redemption games, computer based emulation arcade games, etc. when we consider computer based arcade games, there are both online flash based and software oriented arcade game in market. Few famous arcade games in market are dance dance revolution, drummania, rail shooters, virtua Cop, Time Crisis, House of the Dead, etc. Few other video arcade games based on specific hardware machines are dreamcast, playstation 2, triforce, chihiro, etc. In computer, various emulators are used to run these arcade games. Computer oriented arcade games are The atari collection 1, Playstation 2, Gamecube, mortal kombat, tempest, galaxian, midway arcade treasures, space harrier, pac-man, missile command, asteroids, battlezone, dig dug, etc. These arcade games are found on public places such as restaurants, bars, children parks, college campuses, movie theatres, shopping malls, corner shops, and in almost all public places in developed areas.

Here we are recommending computer oriented open source and free arcade games. They are ultrastar deluxe, super tuxkart, Armagetron Advanced, Supertux, mega mario, yoda soccer project, blobby volley 2, open sonic, stepmania, etc. Out of these you can download few of them from the below given links. Download it and use as it is free and open source games.

Uninstall Information
You can uninstall the below games from Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Windows 7 and above) located in the Control Panel. Search for each game with their name and right click, then select “Uninstall/Change”. Follow the prompts to finish the uninstallation.
Sl.No Game Description Free License EULA Platform Download Support/Contact for source code
1. SuperTux SuperTux is an opensource sidescrolling arcade game. This game is a classic 2d jump’n run style game similar to Super Mario games. It has 26 levels to play, music, redone graphics, openGL rendering, and 9 enemies, etc. Hope you players enjoy this arcade game. GNU GPL EULA Windows supertux-0.1.3-setup.exe
2. MegaMario MegaMario is a clone of super mario bros game. This arcade game features everything like super mario with better graphics, resolution, good movements, new levels, etc and more. This game is based on the stories of mario and luigi and like an old school style. GNU GPL EULA Windows
3. StepMania StepMania a free dance and rhythm arcade game with 3d graphics, dance pad support, creating your own steps, etc and more. In this free game, player press different buttons in time while music and note scrolling patterns seen in the screen MIT License EULA Windows StepMania-v5.0-beta-1a.exe
4. Ultimate Stunts Ultimate Stunts is a free arcade fighting game which is a remake of famous dos game stunts. This game support OpenGL graphics, sounds, multi-playing, etc and has another features like spectacular stunts, corkscrews, bridges to jump, etc and more in game. GNU GPL EULA Windows ultimatestunts-windata-0771.exe
5. AstroMenace AstroMenace is a free 3d space arcade shooter game with spaceship upgrade options. In this arcade game there are lot of great features which makes you enjoyable while playing. This shooting game has great 3d graphics and quality sound effects also. Hope you like this free and opensource game. GNU GPL, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License EULA Windows astromenace-win-1.3.1.exe

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